Episode 1
Kanji Title 男子校のプリンセス
Romaji Title Danshikō no Purinsesu
English Title The All Boys School's Princesses
Airdate April 5, 2006
Theme Music
Opening Kimi to Deatte Kara
Ending Hohoemi o Agetai
Previous N/A
Next Episode 2
Episode 1 is the first episode of the anime series. It was aired April 5, 2006.


Tooru Kouno is joining a new all-boys school in the middle of the semester. As soon as he arrives, he sees a beautiful girl, who is running from students calling her "Princess". After being led to his classroom by the teacher, he is surprised to receive a warm welcome by all his classmates (who are looking at him in a weird way). The class president, Akira Sakamoto is asked to guide him around the school and he is seated beside a beautiful boy named Yuujirou Shihoudani (who looks like a girl). The teacher says that Toru is "that" and asks Shihoudani to take care of him. At lunch time, Shihoudani seems to be surrounded by admirers. While Sakamoto takes Tooru for a tour around the tour, Toru notices that everyone, including the seniors, are bowing their head to Sakamoto in respect and call him "Sakamoto-sama".

After school, Shihoudani takes him to the dorms. He is introduced to the dorm head, third-year Tsuji. Toru is led into the "P-room", short for "Princess Room". Since Shihoudani is already sharing a room with Mikoto, he is asked to move out; Toru recognizes him as being the same girl he met at the entrance and is surprised! He is introduced to the "Princess System" where the beautiful boys in the school are nominated and dressed as girls to "relieve the stress" in the all-boys school. Toru is pretty surprised by this system, but even more shocked when he comes to know that he is nominated as a Princess candidate himself.



  • In the anime, Tooru appears with blue hair instead of green, his original colour.

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