Episode 2
Kanji Title 姫誕生
Romaji Title Hime Tanjō
English Title A Princess is Born
Airdate April 12, 2006
Theme Music
Opening Kimi to Deatte Kara
Ending Hohoemi o Agetai
Previous Episode 1
Next Episode 3
Episode 2 is the second episode of the anime series. It was aired April 12, 2006.


Tooru, Yuujirou and Mikoto are summoned to the Student Council room, where the Student Council members are all introduced to Toru by the president, Arisada. The president presents to Tooru all the benefits of becoming a princess – after hearing which, Toru readily accepts to be a princess, even as Mikoto keeps disapproving (since he has a girlfriend already, he does not like dressing up like a girl). The princesses' clothes' designer Natashou also appears, completely exhilarated about new inspiration found by looking at all the Princesses. It is also revealed that Arisada is a former princess. Planning for the "New Princess Introduction" is also started. Mikoto immediately observes that Toru is very quickly getting used to his Princess role and has already learnt how to deal with the fans.

Toru says that he has learnt it from Yuujirou, who keeps everyone at bay by being sweet and having the pride and confidence of a queen. Mikoto also rehearses a little and succeeds at this. They also try out the new costumes to be used for the ceremony. Later when they meet Arisada who is overseeing the preparations for the ceremony, Sakamoto is also present, helping. Arisada says this is because Sakamoto is the next presidential candidate (this, even Sakamoto didn't know) and they all realize that its because of Arisada that everyone calls Sakamoto "Sakamoto-sama" - he started it himself. The ceremony finally happens, where the Princesses ask each other to take care of them.



  • The episode is the first with Tooru as a Princess.

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