Episode 3
Kanji Title 初仕事、姫様応援団
Romaji Title Hatsu Shigoto, Hime-sama Ouendan
English Title The First Job, Princess Cheerleader
Airdate April 19, 2006
Theme Music
Opening Kimi to Deatte Kara
Ending Hohoemi o Agetai
Previous Episode 2
Next Episode 4
Episode 3 is the third episode of the anime series. It was aired April 19, 2006.


The three Princesses are to cheer for all the clubs, for the local preliminaries. Arisada also tells them that they are all to go for cheering all the clubs which win the preliminaries (and also those which go ahead and win the national finals) or the princess benefits will be cut - Arisada has gone even to the national games for cheering. But Mikoto is against this since he has to dress up as a girl and go outside the school premises. Going along with Arisada's idea, Natashou has designed the costumes to be nurses for the local preliminaries, cheerleaders for the prefectural and wedding dress for the national finals. Mikoto is entirely against this idea of being a man's bride. but Mikoto is nowhere to be found. Toru tries to convince him saying that if the teams do not win, they would not need to dress up and go out, but it seems that all the teams are trying extra hard to win with the Princesses cheering them, following the cheering tactics provided by Arisada.

Completely beat up in the evening, Mikoto again sees that Toru is doing pretty fine with the Princess job - when he says that its easy when you want to do things yourself than when others force it on you. After two weeks of this regime, they see that teams are indeed winning the preliminaries with exceptional performances. So, the Princesses have to dress up in their special costumes to go cheering now - but Mikoto again throws a tantrum that he doesn't want to go out in dresses. The morning when they are to go cheering, Mikoto is nowhere to be seen. As toru and Yuujirou start searching for him, they find him trying out the costume - Mikoto remembered Toru's words about wanting to do thing by oneself and wanted to try putting on the costume himself. Finally, all the Princesses get along together again, with the special costumes on to go for cheering.



  • Arisada says that when he was still a Princess, he went even to the national games for cheering his classmates.

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