Episode 5
Kanji Title 狙われた姫
Romaji Title Nera Wareta Hime
English Title Stalked Princesses
Airdate May 3, 2006
Theme Music
Opening Kimi to Deatte Kara
Ending Hohoemi o Agetai
Previous Episode 4
Next Episode 6
Episode 5 is the fifth episode of the anime series. It was aired May 3, 2006.


Even though it is summer, the Princesses still have to cheer for sports teams and other clubs. Even Mikoto is called back for Princess work. While the princesses get ready, Sakamoto also accompanies them. As they are moving about, Toru has the creepy feeling that they are being watched. When they get to the Home Ec room, they see that the Princesses' costumes are laid on a sea of roses. Sakamoto tells the Princesses not to enter the room and fetches the Student Council members, who start investigating immediately. When Arisada gets to know that someone is watching them, he asks the princesses to stop their work until things are clear. But as the culprit does not come forth by the investigation, they decide to use the Princesses as bait and lure the culprit out.

Even though they are reluctant to the idea, the Princesses soon agree since Mikoto says that he does not want the ones dear to him (meaning his girlfriend) to be affected in any way from this. As the Princess again start making their rounds, they come across a man photographing them. The Student Council captures him and it is revealed that he is from an agency and wants to make the Princesses as idols after he saw them at the tournament. Although he admits that he had been taking the Princesses' photos, he did not send any flowers. While everyone is still puzzled over who sends the flowers Natashou senpai comes floating out of nowhere, holding bouquet of roses and hands them to the Princesses claiming to have so found new inspiration.



  • Kōji Asano was mistaken for a stalker, while he was from an agency and wanted to make the Princesses idols.

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