Episode 6
Kanji Title 坂本家のヒミツ
Romaji Title Sakamoto ke no Himitsu!
English Title Sakamoto's Family Secret!
Airdate May 10, 2006
Theme Music
Opening Kimi to Deatte Kara
Ending Hohoemi o Agetai
Previous Episode 5
Next Episode 7
Episode 6 is the sixth episode of the anime series. It was aired May 10, 2006.


Finally getting some free time, Toru and Yuujirou start with their summer homework. But they find some problems difficult to solve and so decide to go to Sakamoto's house to ask him for help (Sakamoto had invited them over earlier). they are also hopeful of meeting the famous older "Sakamoto-sama". When they finally arrive, Sakamoto warns them not to get too surprised by what they see, but Toru and Yuujirou convince him, that as princesses they are used to almost all surprises. When they arrive to Sakamoto's house, they see that, once after the other, all the family members they meet are exceptionally beautiful, to the point that they even ask Sakamoto if they are his real family.

They meet everyone but the older brother "Sakamoto-sama". Later, when they are about to have barbecue, Sakamoto asks them to consider him too as their friend. Toru and Yuujirou accept and they all decide to call each other by their first names. Suddenly, the older Sakamoto arrives and baffles Toru and Yuujirou by being pretty childish over Akira not calling him to the barbecue.



  • Is the only episode that featured the Sakamoto family.

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