Fuyuki Sakamoto
Kanji 坂本 冬姫
Romaji Sakamoto Fuyuki
Biographical Information
Age 10 (Family Complex)
11 (Princess Princess)
Family Hidetoshi Sakamoto (father)
Nanami Sakamoto (mother)
Akira Sakamoto (brother)
Harumi Sakamoto (brother)
Natsuru Sakamoto (sister)
Gender Fem Female
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Status Alive
Manga N/A
Anime Episode 6
Seiyū Akeno Watanabe
Live Action None
Fuyuki Sakamoto (坂本 冬姫 Sakamoto Fuyuki) is the younger sister of Akira. She has a very androgynous appareance. She is usually rather quiet and has been compared to a doll various times. In the manga, Fuyuki becomes more outspoken and ends up being more popular with the girls than the boys in her class.

Appearance Edit

Like the rest of her family, Fuyuki is extremely beautiful despite her young age. She has black hair and eyes, characteristics she shares with her older brother, Harumi. She also resembles a lot like her mother.

Background Edit

Fuyuki was born as the fourth child of Hidetoshi and Nanami Sakamoto. She has three older siblings, Harumi, Natsuru and Akira. Fuyuki and all of her family members are amazingly beautiful, and in her case, androgynous as well.

Plot Edit

Natsuru appears when Yuujiro and Tooru visit Akira in his home.

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