Harumi Sakamoto
Kanji 坂本 春海
Romaji Sakamoto Harumi
Other Names Sakamoto-sama
Biographical Information
Age 17 (Family Complex)
18 (Princess Princess)
Family Hidetoshi Sakamoto (father)
Nanami Sakamoto (mother)
Akira Sakamoto (brother)
Natsuru Sakamoto (sister)
Fuyuki Sakamoto (sister)
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Status Alive
Manga N/A
Anime Episode 6
Seiyū Kenji Nojima
Live Action None
Harumi Sakamoto (坂本 春海 Sakamoto Harumi) is the older brother of Akira. He attended Fujimori Academy one year prior the storyline of the series. He also was known by all who knew him as "Sakamoto-sama" because of his amazing beauty.

Appareance Edit

Harumi is well known in Fujimori for being extremely beautiful. He has black hair and eyes, characteristics he shares with his younger sister, Fuyuki.

Background Edit

Harumi was born as the first child of Hidetoshi and Nanami Sakamoto. He has three younger siblings, Natsuru, Akira, and Fuyuki. Harumi and all of his family members are amazingly beautiful, and in his sisters' case, androgynous as well.


Harumi comes back during the Cultural Festival of Fujimori to help the Student Council raise money. Harumi is usually very cool and smiles constantly. However, in the presence of his younger brother, he becomes completely emotional and is easily moved to tears (something which Toru and Yuujirou accidentally notice when visiting Akira, as seen in a manga filler chapter). In other words, he has a brother complex.

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