Kaoru Natashou



Kanji 名田 庄薫
Romaji Natashō Kaoru
Biographical Information
Age 17
Family Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Purple
Status Alive
Manga Volume 1
Anime Episode 2
Seiyū Anri Katsu
Live Action Kōhei Yamamoto
Kaoru Natashou (名田 庄薫 Natashō Kaoru) is a third-year student majoring in Home Economics, who designs all of the clothes that the Princesses wear. He's fairly obsessed about this and always shows a lot of enthusiasm about it. In Princess Princess Plus, he graduated from school.

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Character design.

Kaoru is a young boy with small purple eyes and curly light brown hair. His clothes usually consist of a black school uniform.


Kaoru only cares about clothes. He is extremely egotistical and self-absorbed, over-enthusiastic and over-the-top, yet he is a genius, and not disliked by his "assistants" (fellow club members) and other students. He also holds a lot of fashion awards for all the costumes he's designed and made himself. When it comes to the Princesses, he's easily struck by inspiration for new costumes.

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