Kiriya Matsuoka
Kanji 松岡 桐矢
Romaji Matsuoka Kiriya
Biographical Information
Age 15
Family Mr. Matsuoka (father) †
Mrs. Matsuoka (mother) †
Makito Matsuoka (brother)
Kaede Matsuoka (sister)
Gender Male
Hair Pale Brown
Eyes Brown
Status Alive
Female Counterpart Kirika Matsuoka
Manga Chapter 1 (Princess Princess Plus)
Anime N/A
Seiyū None
Live Action None
Kiriya Matsuoka (松岡 桐矢 Matsuoka Kiriya) is one of the next generation of Princesses in Princess Princess Plus, along with Tomoe Izumi.


Because of his home circumstances, has somewhat of a complex about being poor. Kiriya frequently feels inferior to Tomoe, who is rich, especially when Tomoe seems to flaunt his wealth. This makes Kiriya angry, and want to shun the friendship of Tomoe.


Kiriya has pale brown hair end eyes.


His parents died in a car accident four years prior the series. His older brother, Makito, dropped out of college and started to work as a male host to support the family, which includes Kiriya and their younger sister, Kaede.

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