Megumi Yoshikawa
Kanji 吉川 恵
Romaji Yoshikawa Megumi
Other Names Kei
Biographical Information
Age Around 16-17
Family Unknown
Gender Masculino Male (physically)
Fem Female (genetically)
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Status Alive
Manga Unknown
Anime Episode 10
Seiyū Junko Takeuchi
Live Action None
Megumi Yoshikawa (吉川 恵 Yoshikawa Megumi) is Mikoto's girlfriend. Megumi is also the main character of Tsuda's earlier series, The Day of Revolution, where Makoto and Mikoto are supporting characters.

Background Edit


Megumi's appareance as a boy and girl.

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Megumi in the manga.

Megumi's original name was Kei, a rebellious boy in high school who would get into fights along with his three close friends. However, one day his doctor tells him and his parents that while Kei may appear to be physically male, he is in fact genetically female. He thus starts to live as a girl and even changes his name to Megumi, which uses the same kanji as 'Kei'.

After the change in lifestyle, Megumi still has a problem with the transition from male to female. Even as Megumi dresses as a girl, she still feels more like a boy, and feels more comfortable when around Makoto. As a guy, he was often told he was cute, causing him to physically retaliate and retains much of the same personality after his transition. Megumi tends to be very outspoken and even blunt sometimes.

Appareance Edit

Megumi has brown hair and eyes. As a boy, she used to had short hair instead of long.

Personality Edit

Megumi has a caring heart and would do things asked of her by Mikoto so as not to upset him. Also, she is not entirely sure of Mikoto's feelings towards her and once she even suspected something was going on between Mikoto and the other two Princesses. Megumi and Mikoto seem to have a very good, understanding relationship between them. For instance, even when Megumi finds out Mikoto is a Princess, she says she doesn't care sice Mikoto is the same person she loves either way.

She also has a very prominent effect on Mikoto's personality, being able to elevate his spirits when he is feeling depressed. Similarly, when around Mikoto she is very happy and it's obvious that they enjoy each other's company. As noted by Mikoto in episode five of the anime, Megumi does not seem to like using makeup because she thinks it's cuter. Mikoto seems to have no complaints over this as he thinks she is cute regardless.

Trivia Edit

  • In the manga, Megumi fears that Mikoto had something with the other Princesses and that the only reason he is interested in her is because of her past life as a boy.
  • His best friend is Makoto Yutaka, Mikoto's older sister.
  • Megumi and Makoto's characters are based on Tsuda himself and in Tsuda's best friend and fellow mangaka, Eiki Eiki.
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