Mikoto Yutaka
Kanji 豊 実琴
Romaji Yutaka Mikoto
Other Names Western Prince
Biographical Information
Age 15
Gender Fem Female
Hair Pink
Eyes Pink
Status Alive
Male Counterpart Mikoto Yutaka
Manga Volume 1 (bonus)
Anime Bonus Footage
Seiyū Tetsuya Kakihara
Live Action None
Mikoto Yutaka (豊 実琴 Yutaka Mikoto) is Mikoto Yutaka's female counterpart. Both, male and female counterpart, share the same name. Mikoto only appears in a parallel universe featured as a mini comic in the manga. She also appears in the bonus footage of the anime series. Alongside Tooko and Yuuko (Tooru and Yuujiro's female counterparts), she's a Prince.

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