Mr. Shihoudani
Kanji 四方谷氏
Romaji Shihoudani-shi
Other Names Shihoudani-sensei
Biographical Information
Age Unknown
Family Mrs. Shihoudani (wife)
Yuujirou Shihoudani (stepson)
Shinnosuke Shihoudani (son)
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Status Alive
Manga Volume 5
Anime Episode 9
Seiyū N/A
Live Action None
Mr. Shihoudani is the husband of Mrs. Shihoudani, father of Shinnosuke and the stepfather of Yuujirou. In the anime, he comes to Fujimori with his wife and son to see Yuujirou at the school festival.


During Yuujirou's fourth grade in elementary school, Mr. Shihoudani was the teacher in charge. He was very cheerful and tolerant, and Yuujirou thought that he was the perfect father figure. In order to make Mr. Shihoudani like him, Yuujirou became the perfect student and he also favoured him more than the other students.

One day, Mr. Shihoudani asked Yuujirou to stay behind after class. It was revealed that Mr. Shihoudani had fallen in love with his mother and asked Yuujirou to "give his mother to him". After that, Mr. Shihoudani and Yuujirou's mother got married and they had a son together, Shinnosuke. However, Yuujirou ended up distanced himself from the rest of his family because he thinks that his mother, step-father, and younger half-brother together are the "perfect family" without him.


Princess Princess Edit

Mr. Shihoudani come to Fujimori with his wife and son during the school festival to visit Yuujirou. Yuujirou acts uncomfortable around his family, and refers to him as "sensei" instead of dad.


  • He cried when Yuujirou called him dad for the first time.
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