Otoya Hanazono
Kanji 花園 音也
Romaji Hanazono Otoya
Biographical Information
Age Around 15-16
Family Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Status Alive
Manga N/A
Anime N/A
Seiyū None
Live Action Yuichi Nakamura
Otoya Hanazono (花園 音也 Hanazono Otoya) is a mysterious transfer student who first appeared in episode 2 of the live-action series. His character was created by Mikiyo Tsuda specifically for the series.


Princess Princess D Edit


The Dark Princess. From left to right: Kurou Minamoto, Otoya and Ranta Mori.

Dissatisfied with the current Princesses' half-hearted efforts and accusing the Student Council of being neglectful of the students' wishes, Otoya creates his own team (the Dark Princess) to rival the Princesses, and nominates himself candidate for the New School Council.

Mikoto is caught in the fight between Otoya and the current Student Council, unsure of which side to stand for. He also has to deal with his conflicting feelings towards Otoya, and how they affect both his friendship with Yujiro and Tooru and his loyalty to the Princess system. In this process, he comes to understand the true meaning of being a Princess, and finally embraces his role, putting his man's pride aside in favor of the Princesses' pride.


  • The live-action series excluded all female characters, including Mikoto's girlfriend. That relationship was exchanged for one heavy on boys love overtones between Otoya and Mikoto.

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