Tooru Kouno, Mikoto Yutaka and Yuujiro Shihodani.

The Princess System is the system that takes place at the all-boy school Fujimori Academy that has some students dress up as princesses. They dress up as princesses to help the other male students of the school to help give the illusion of females at the school. Throughout the series, it is revealed that various successful people were at one time princesses.

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A candidate for a Princess must be a first year student since they have more free time from school work, their bodies have not fully developed and they can easily wear girls' outfits. From all the first years, those with the best looks and most-suited personalities are chosen to be Princesses. However, if one only has good looks but is not popular, that person will not be chosen. The Princesses' duties consist of wearing girl's clothes to morning meetings or school events, encouraging others at school, and cheering at school events. Students who are required to be Princesses cannot refuse the position.

When there is a conflict between a Princess' work and school classes, absence from class or leaving early can be considered as a school vacation, and the absence will not show up on his attendance record. Every month the Princesses receive thirty school luncheon vouchers each. Therefore, when they eat at school, they do not have to pay. All necessary school supplies (notebooks, school apparel, etc.) are covered by the Princess budget, which is the largest in the whole school. Also, the Princesses will receive partial profit they can use as pocket money from the photography club that takes pictures of them and sells them to other students. The school rules require the photography club to share profits with whoever serves as model for the photos they sell, and the photographs of the Princesses are the most sought-after.

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