Shuya Arisada




Kanji 有定 修也
Romaji Arisada Shūya
Other Names The Devil (by Tooru, Yuujirou and Mikoto)
Biographical Information
Age 16 (Princess Princess)
17 (Princess Princess Plus)
Family Unknown
Gender Masculino Male
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Status Alive
Manga Volume 1
Anime Episode 1
Seiyū Hiroshi Kamiya
Live Action Takumi Saito
The more connections, the better.

–Shuya Arisada.

Shuya Arisada (有定 修也 Arisada Shūya) was the President of the Student Council during the main storyline of the series. He's a very confident but manipulative person; he even obtained the nickname of "The Devil" from Tooru, Yuujirou and Mikoto. Arisada was also a former Princess one year prior the beginning of the story, alongside the Unknown Princess.



Arisada as a Princess.

Arisada is a slender young man with blonde-gold hair and dark green eyes. He has pale skin and used to be a popular Princess in the past. He also was very good at singing and he still can do it very well, acording to his Student Council's mates. As a Princess, he used to wear a traditional kimono with a large blonde wig. His appearance as a Princess was very beautiful and praised by all the students of Fujimori.



Arisada showing his true nature.

Arisada is a good leader and often comes up with fool-proof plans which benefit him and the rest of the Student Council. He can also be very intimidating to talk with and in effect people often go along with his plans regardless. Arisada is also a very manipulative person. He was the first person to call Akira "Sakamoto-sama", thus beginning and encouraging the trend (to the younger Sakamoto's dismay). Arisada also pushed and forced Akira to take over as president for the next year.

Arisada himself has admitted to loving power and wanting to be a rich entrepreneur. In the anime, he mentioned that when he was still a princess, a rich guy became obsessed with him and he was bombarded with gifts day after day. He felt very embarrassed about it, but the guy couldn't take a no for answer. When the Princesses asked him what happened then, Arisada only said that he give him a "firm talk". Tooru came to the conclusion he did not want to know what happened.

He also gave Mikoto the permission to do whatever he want during his free time, but under the warning that he must do his work as a Princess no matter what, even if he has a fever and must take the stage with a saline solution connected to his arm.

Plot Edit

Princess Princess Plus Edit


Arisada with his new assistants.

Arisada firstly appeared accompanied by his two new assistants after the previous ones graduated from Fujimori. He expresses his desire of meeting and befriending Tomoe, and asks Tooru, Yuujirou and Mikoto to itroduce him to Tomoe. Despite of being a question, it sounded more like an order than anything else. When the Ex-Princesses asks why he want to meet him, Arisada says that knowing him might be good for his "long-term plans". Tooru immediately thinks Arisada wants to take advantage of Tomoe, while Yuujirou thinks his interest is about the money and Mikoto thinks Arisada plans to marry Tomoe due the money. Arisada also says that: "The more connections, the better". The boys came to the conclusion Arisada is truly the "Devil".


Student CouncilEdit

All the members of the Student Council adore him and used to be his fans when he still was a Princess. Although they graduated from school, the three promised to keep in touch with Arisada.

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