Tomoe Izumi
Kanji 和泉 巴
Romaji Izumi Tomoe
Biographical Information
Age 15
Family Mr. Izumi (father)
Mrs. Izumi (mother)
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Status Alive
Female Counterpart Kanae Izumi
Manga Chapter 1 (Princess Princess Plus)
Anime N/A
Seiyū None
Live Action None
Tomoe Izumi (和泉 巴 Izumi Tomoe) is one of the next generation of Princesses in Princess Princess Plus, along with Kiriya Matsuoka.


Tomoe is a young boy naive and sheltered. On the other hand, he is prey to loneliness and the danger of being kidnapped due to his wealthy family. As a result, he's very enthusiastic about wanting to be Kiriya's friend.


Tomoe is a very tall and slender boy. He has blonde hair and thin brown eyes.


Tomoe was born into a rich and powerful family, the Izumi family, owner of the Izumi Mortgage Broker Company. He spend a lonely childhood and never had any friend, while his parents were always away from him: his father works all the time and his mother is always traveling.

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