Toui C. Mitaka
Kanji 御鷹・C・統威
Romaji Mitaka C. Tou
Biographical Information
Age 15 (Princess Princess)
16 (Princess Princess Plus)
Family Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Status Alive
Manga Volume 4
Anime N/A
Seiyū None
Live Action None
Toui C. Mitaka (御鷹・C・統威 Mitaka C. Toui) is a transfer student who first appeared in volume four of the manga. Upon returning from studies abroad and transferring to Fujimori Academy, Mitaka learns of the Student Council elections and decides to run against Akira Sakamoto. He later becomes the vice-president with Akira as president. Mitaka also started to fall in love with Akira, and by the end of the manga he's so dedicated to him that he's never more than a few feet away from Akira.

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