Unknown Princess
Biographical Information
Age 17
Family Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Status Alive
Manga Volume 1 (Princess Princess Plus)
Anime N/A
Seiyū None
Live Action None
Unknown Princess is a third-year student, who was a former Princess alongside Arisada prior the storyline of the series. Now he's one of Arisada's new assistants.

Background Edit

He used to be a Princess alongside Shuya Arisada two years prior the storyline of the series. He has been abroad for a while, but he ended up coming back to Fujimori and became one of Arisada's new assistants after the previous ones graduated from the school.

Plot Edit

Princess Princess Plus Edit


Arisada and his assistants.

Tooru asked him and his companion if they liked serving "pure evil", referring to Arisada. He happily says that he was away for a while, but it was nice to be back. The boys observe that they are just like their predecessors, with Yuujirou commenting they are the same "species" as Arisada.


  • He's incredibly tall.